Empowering a cleaner future through fun education


A real-life story about our cat Simba who got sick, and we wanted to know why. After investigating, we discovered that it was due to the toxins in our environment, and this experience ignited us. We went to the bottom of the problem, and that’s why we’re here today. We have developed a blockchain & AI-based auto-sustainable edutainment ecosystem supported by clean energy to increase awareness of what we experienced with our cat, Simba.


Mission to revolutionize the clean energy industry, accelerating the green transition with WEB 3, artificial intelligence & clean energy solutions, and creating a conscious and sustainable society.


To create an edutainment ecosystem supported backed by clean energy, using innovative technologies, increasing awareness of the environment & sustainability thereby strengthening the communities and investing in future generations.



Using clean technologies that have a carbon-friendly impact.

Sustainable, Secure & Stable

Designed to support our mission and ensure long-term auto-sustainability.

Focused on the environment

Giving our contribution for the benefit of the planet and humanity.


A play-learn-earn game that increases awareness of the environment.


Our ecosystem operates a charity fund dedicated to raising funds that are utilized for making investments aimed at creating a positive impact on our environment.

Natural Capital

Entire ecosystem is backed by clean energy

Decentralized & Transparent

Private in a transparent way.

Investing in futures

Combining entertainment and education thereby investing in the next generations.


Help us to grow our community, play our educational game and support our network to earn rewards/gifts.


We work to bring environmentalists and communities together to educate future generations


Our platform features an educational game and blog specifically designed to educate individuals about the environment.